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The members of E3 Arms, LLC have been in the business of producing high quality polymer AR15 style firearms for over 5 years and a combined 85 years of shooting experience! Our products are made with the latest in design and materials. We believe that the Omega-15 lower receiver is what people are looking for in their weapon without the expense of buying an ultra- expensive billet gun. With the enlarged trigger guard and beefy design, this weapon will live up to its name in use and function. So what does Omega mean? It is often used to denote the last, or the end. Take a look at our products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed is our offer to all who buy our products.

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You can contact E3 Arms via Email at
E3 ARMS is a company with christian values, and we believe that One Nation Under God is the reason why the United States of America is the Greatest Nation on Earth. As Christians, it is our duty to treat everyone with love and kindness. Forgive those who have caused you pain, do good to those who don’t treat you well. “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”